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Museo Me was a project for my honours degree. This year, I’ve started a new online publication that incorporates the work I did here and also expands on new topics. In Mzansi is all about how conscious lifestyle and active citizenship; about how our lifestyle choices can have a broader socio-economic impact.

The great thing about In Mzansi is that we’re accepting freelance and guest writers’ articles. In particular, we would love to have museum and heritage correspondents to write about exhibitions, heritage debates, events and everything else going on in the heritage space.

What We’re Looking For

  • Content on lifestyle topics that are tailored to the values and considerations of active citizens.
  • Media should be particularly relevant to South African residents.
  • Content should show journalistic style and rigour. We do not accept articles based on unsubstantiated opinion. We will seldom accept opinion pieces. We like articles based on contextualised personal experience (substantiated by research) and feature articles based on relevant sources, preferably on interviews with relevant South African experts.

We encourage journalism students and those with a journalistic background to get in touch. We prefer authors with experience living in an African country. We would love you to write for us.

If you write for us, you will be credited with a byline and profile. Depending on your experience, we may be able to offer you a small fee. This is not market-related (In Mzansi is a start-up) but we do believe in recompensating writers. We reserve the right to decline pieces without further editing, though we do try to provide general feedback.

Please submit detailed pitches and a portfolio of 3-5 published and/or unpublished works in the relevant media to Jenna on


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